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Financial Applications & Tokens

We’re Built for Developers, By Developers

Expand and differentiate your offering with direct ownership of physical precious metals. Integration is fast and easy.


    Already Built, Already Proven

    GBI's technology backs a number of innovative tokens and apps, part of the $3B+ in physical precious metal assets managed over API for some the best known brands in wealth management. Let GBI power your next-generation financial offering with physical precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

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    Two Types of Assets, One Set of Rails

    One single integration with GBI gives you access to buy, sell, store and transfer. You can even take for delivery physical precious metals and/or digital assets.

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    Sit Back, We’ll Handle Logistics

    The GBI Platform is a turnkey solution that coordinates the vaulting, shipment, money flows, audits and insurance on billions of trades for the world's most demanding customers. Let GBI do the same for you. We sweat the details - payments, positions, redemptions and a myriad other details - so you don't have to.

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    Delivering Unregulated Assets with a Regulatory Mindset

    As veterans of the investment industry, we know what it takes to operate in a regulated world. So while alternative assets don't face the same regulatory standards and scrutiny as more traditional assets, that's the way we treat them.

    This means having agency-model liquidity. It means having independently audited storage. It means doing a lot more that alternative asset providers don't – or can't – do. Because that's what you and your clients deserve.

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