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Digital Assets

Give your customers access to the fastest-growing new asset class, and leave the blockchains, wallets and crypto-storage to us.

Invest in digital assets like any other native asset in your ecosystem.

  • The Future of Investing

    Why Digital Assets?

    Digital assets are here to stay, and should be a consideration for any investor looking to diversify and find alpha. But up until now, accessing them has required specialized apps or over-priced funds, keeping them outside of traditional trusted relationships.

    With GBI, you can offer Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos directly to your customers.

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  • For All Investors

    Giving Your Clients a Trustworthy Option

    The future of digital assets is impossible to predict, but the potential is undeniable. Provide investors a way to access these assets through trusted channels to attract new customers and stop assets from trading away.

    Offer customers the ability to invest in digital assets through your banking, brokerage or fintech app. Or allocate part of your pre-defined portfolios to cryptos. Either way, we can help.

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  • Direct Investing

    Chain of Custody

    We've assembled a marketplace of U.S.-based, regulated digital asset partners to provide a superior investing experience. Connected to multiple market makers and exchanges, with options for insured offline "cold" storage, through GBI enable direct investment in in digital assets safely and easily using your existing tools.

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    Delivering Unregulated Assets with a Regulatory Mindset

    As veterans of the investment industry, we know what it takes to operate in a regulated world. So while alternative assets don't face the same regulatory standards and scrutiny as more traditional assets, that's the way we treat them.

    This means having agency-model liquidity. It means having independently audited storage. It means doing a lot more that alternative asset providers don't – or can't – do. Because that's what you and your clients deserve.

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