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The GBI Platform

The GBI Platform is integrated into the world’s top wealth managers, custodians, banks and e-commerce companies in the U.S., Asia and Europe.


The GBI Platform

Our network takes care of the entire customer journey from front door to back office.

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A Network of Possibilities

Good Technology is at the Heart of Innovation

The GBI Platform is designed for flexibility. This enables our clients to build seamless experiences for their customers, reducing complexity and simplifying investment.

Some client examples:
  • Make whole bar/coin physical precious metals available in a wealth manager's legacy systems, like any other CUSIP
  • Offer fractional gold and silver investing to the penny inside modern financial "super app"
  • Integrate alternative asset trading and storage into a custodian's trust management and customer interfaces
  • Power gold and silver platforms, completely automated via API from issuance to redemption for physical precious metals.
  • Outsource the entire back office for a physical gold ETF with deliverability, packaged into a simple trading interface
  • Enable an automatic monthly accumulation program for an international discount brokerage site
With an end-to-end ecosystem of liquidity, storage & security, settlement and asset logistics, the possibilities are endless. Get in touch to discuss how our experience can help make alternatives accessible for your customers.
Get to Market Faster

Turnkey Investment Apps

Looking to offer physical precious metals and/or alternative asset investing without the need for a bespoke integration?

GBI can provide a "soup to nuts" implementation to get you in business quickly, with fully-managed customer onboarding and account management (KYC-CIP, AML, etc.), funding, trading and redemption – all through a hosted, software-as-a-service interface, white labelled for your brand.

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