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About Us

Powering Alternatives for Over a Decade

GBI seamlessly connects investment providers – from the world’s top wealth managers, advisors, and brokers to innovative funds, apps, and retailers – with liquidity and logistics around the world.


    How GBI Started

    Founded as Gold Bullion International, GBI modernized investment in the world's oldest asset class, making it easier, more cost effective and fully digital.

    Today we power global solutions for investing in gold and other alternatives by making them work with the systems and processes of the leaders in finance, established and emerging.

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    Backed by a Team of Financial Veterans

    GBI's founders are veterans of the financial industry, with decades of experience at the top investment firms. This provided a deep understanding and respect for operating in a regulated environment.

    We built GBI from the ground up to provide solutions which meet the high standards of top-tier institutions, including agency model marketplaces, independently managed, audited and insured asset storage, and top-notch security & infrastructure.

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Our Mission

To use technology and service to enable our customers to access alternative assets in an easy, safe and profitable way.


Dozens of Providers. One Digital Network.

The GBI platform seamlessly connects you to a global network of liquidity providers and secure physical depositories over a single connection. It allows underlying clients to buy, sell and store precious metals within their existing accounts and trading systems. The GBI Platform works for the client, providing access to a global network of dealers and depositories on a “best execution” basis.

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Meet the GBI Team

Your Wealth Management Team

GBI's front-line implementation team works with advisors, managers, and service providers of all sizes to make adoptive alternatives a smooth experience for you and your clients. Reach out to them for solution guidance, research, and more.

Skip Welsh
Regional Director, Wealth Management Distribution
Andrew Nini
Director, Wealth Management Distribution
Drew Ghysels
Sales Associate, Wealth Management Distribution
Megan Jorgenson
SVP, Wealth Management Distribution

Leadership & Management

Our management team and board process a depth of financial services and technology industry experience, which they bring to bear for our clients.

Steven Feldman
Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder
Eric Schwartz
Chairman of the Board
John Hart
Board of Managers
John Hathaway
Board of Managers
Dan Tapiero
Board of Managers / Co-Founder
Marc C. Scher
Peter Custer
Chief Technology Officer
Divnain Malik
Chief Operating Officer
Rohit Gera
Chief Strategy Officer & Head of D2C
Andrea Corejova
Head of Finance
Michael Loew
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Eric Craig Jr
Global Head of Trading
Phoebe Tseng
Ryan McLimans
Vice President, Marketing
Daniel Rapaic
Vice President of Technology
Laxman Milli
Vice President of Technology
Jazmine Smaldone
Assistant Vice President
Samantha Kadel Molinari
Director of Customer Success
Jillian Carnival
Senior Operations Specialist
Natallia Vidmant
Operations Specialist
Mariah Francisco
Operations Specialist

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