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Gold Retailers

Maximize the Assets You Bring to the Table

Supplement your existing offering with a host of products and features that improve the customer experience and increase your profitability.

  • A More Comprehensive Offering

    Built to Compete

    GBI allows e-commerce companies to increase profitability in today's competitive market. The GBI Platform features taxable storage, automated investment, fractional gold and silver, as well as broad list of back and middle office functionality ranging from reporting to integrated CRM. Moreover, you can expand your product offering and revenue potential by adding fast-growing alternative assets.

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  • How We can Help

    Trusted Names Trust GBI

    Why trust GBI? We power the leading names in the precious metals and alternative assets space. In 2020 alone, we facilitated $1.4 billion in precious metal transactions for our customers, and we’ve developed our alternative asset capabilities with the same standards of excellence.

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  • GBI Technology

    Automate Anything and Everything

    The GBI Platform can be customized to give you the specific features you want or need.

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