The Gold Standard in Precious Metals

GBI's platform makes owning precious metals and digital
currencies as easy and safe as buying a stock or bond

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About The
GBI Platform

The GBI Platform is integrated into the world’s top wealth managers, custodians, banks and e-commerce companies in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.  It allows underlying clients to buy, sell, and store precious metals and digital currencies within their existing accounts and trading systems.  The GBI Platform works for the client, providing access to a global network of dealers and depositories on a “best execution” basis.

Institutional-Grade Physical Precious Metals Platform

An innovative combination of a global over-the-counter marketplace and a storage logistics network allows wealth managers and institutional investors to work with precious metals as a native asset class, maintaining assets under management, growing client assets and relationships.

For Wealth Managers, Funds, Separate Accounts…

Access physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars and coins through a competitive marketplace.

Competitive Pricing


Over a dozen dealers, refiners and bullion banks participate in our marketplace, ensuring competitive pricing on an agency “best execution” basis.

Fully Insured


Fully insured for replacement value by Lloyds of London.

Audited and Verified


Auditing of physical holdings by Inspectorate.



Seven global vaults: New York, Salt Lake City, London, Zurich, Australia, Toronto and Singapore; run by Brinks, Loomis and Malca-Amit

These features are available in a completely integrated solution that enables seamless trading and reporting on client statements. Works for fee-based/managed accounts as well as transactional accounts.

Institutional investors not working through a wealth manager (pension funds, endowments, mutual funds, hedge funds, etc.) can utilize all of the same capabilities through GBI Direct Access program.

Precious Metals Retailing Platform

Trade with over a dozen market makers, deliver globally and offer integrated customer storage and IRA support - all through one powerful platform.

The retail platform lets you and your developers build a complete web store or app quickly and easily by using our extensive APIs.

Or let the GBITS team build it for you. Our experts have implemented numerous retail portals around the world, in both shopping cart and brokerage-style storefronts.

Either way, you can count on the GBI marketplace and storage logistics network to provide better pricing, rapid execution, reduced backend and middle-office costs, and improved compliance while you concentrate on growing your business.

GBI Digital Has Expanded to Include Digital Assets

GBI has consolidated its crypto aptitudes into GBI Digital in order to provide the software to connect digital currency market makers to custodians and wealth managers, enabling reliable investment in this new asset class for their underlying customers.


Our cryptocurrency platform is built on the same sound traditions as our other logistics and trading networks:

Assets are stored with a leading independent digital-asset custodian to provide maximum safety

Connections to multiple market makers and liquidity sources provide best-execution pricing

All of these systems can be integrated into a B2B customer's banking and reporting systems


GBI worked with the leading custodian/trustee to create a digital currency IRA platform that raises the bar for the industry, with easy account setup, safety and compliance. Over time, this platform will be expanded to include digitized assets.

Asset & Wealth Management

Asset and wealth managers can buy, sell and store digital currency through their existing trading/customer platforms, just like other traditional asset classes - easily, safely and under their management.

Gold Backed Digital Currency

GBI also works with companies issuing precious-metals-backed digital currencies/utility tokens. Our platform enables just-in-time market making, NAV calculation, storage logistics, fee management and more.

Technology Services for Alternative Assets

The GBI technology services (GBITS) team provides custom technology to help financial companies operate more efficiently and maximize organic growth opportunities.


Cost Efficiency


GBI Technology Services (GBITS)

(GBITS) has extensive experience creating and powering state-of-the-art platforms for some of the largest and most well-respected financial firms, banks, institutions and retail clients around the globe.

We are experts in solution architecture, data centers and information security technologies. The GBITS technology platform is based upon a “service-oriented architecture”. We have an extensive list of ready-to-deploy building blocks that provide all the functionality required to build any fintech solution.

The GBI Team

GBI’s management team and boards prossess a depth of financial services and technology industry leadership experience, which they bring it to bear for our clients.

Steven Feldman

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Custer

Chief Technology Officer

Marc C. Scher


Alex Daley

Chief Marketing Officer

Managers &

Eric Schwartz

Dan Tapiero

John Hathaway

John Hart

Edward Mathias

Arthur Levitt

Sallie Krawcheck

Wesley Clark