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Discover GBI's Leading Physical Precious Metals Platform

Expertly integrating gold into your trading and e-commerce environments, enhancing your customer’s experience and investment portfolio.

OUR Solutions

Our platform was engineered specifically for…

  • Wealth Managers

    GBI partners with the world's largest wealth management firms to bring physical precious metals onto their trading systems -- enabling their clients to trade physical metals just like a stock and hold them in their brokerage/advisory accounts. Our robust platform and expertise ensure easy integration and is supported by strategic marketing and sales initiatives to increase sales and provide a seamless customer experience.
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  • Registered Investment Advisors

    Empower your independent investment approach with our precious metals platform, designed specifically for Registered Investment Advisors who recognize the advantages of physical gold over ETFs. We offer a diverse array of integration solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your RIA firm. Our tools enable you to seamlessly incorporate precious metals into client portfolios, ensuring you can adapt swiftly and effectively to both market conditions and client preferences.
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  • Institutional and High Net Worth Investors

    GBI provides dedicated physical precious metals accounts for Institutional Investors and High Net Worth individuals, each able to directly manage their investments within our platform. Our client base includes family offices, endowments, hedge funds, and 40 Act funds, all of whom trust our platform to safeguard and streamline their asset management.
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  • Gold E-Commerce

    Gold e-commerce retailers can expand their offering by connecting to GBI’s platform. Designed for straightforward onboarding, it enables these retailers to diversify and modernize their gold e-commerce business, incorporating profitable features and achieving significant back-office cost savings.
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  • Online Brokers and Payment Apps

    GBI serves the digital trading landscape with our pioneering 'fractional gold' offering—backed by physical gold/silver and tradable to a minute fraction of a penny across various currencies. Trusted by some of the world’s largest online brokers, our platform provides seamless integration for online trading and payment applications, enhancing liquidity and offering diversification opportunities within today’s modern finance landscape.
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To harness cutting-edge technology and exceptional service to provide seamless access to physical precious metals, ensuring a safe, efficient, and rewarding investment experience for our customers.

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