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Powering the Adoption of Alternative Assets

Seamlessly integrate physical precious metals and alternative assets into your existing trading platforms and offerings.

OUR Solutions

Our platform was engineered specifically for…

  • Global Wealth Managers

    We’re connected to world’s largest wealth management firms. Nobody’s better at making physical and alternative assets work within your systems than us.
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  • Registered Investment Advisors

    Easily integrate precious metals and alternative assets into a client’s investment portfolio. React to client demand or scale these asset positions into integration solutions.
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  • Institutional Investors

    Managers can use the GBI Platform to safely hold physical precious metals and alternative assets. Our clients include family offices, endowments, hedge funds and 40 Act funds.
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  • Gold Retailers

    Don’t let a lack of in-house technology resources keep you from competing. Our robust platform can be simply on-boarded and allows you to modernize your business with profitable features and back office cost savings.
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To use technology and service to enable our customers to access alternative assets in an easy, safe and profitable way.

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