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Precious Metals

Precious metals are proven to help portfolios perform better. Fortify client portfolios with the stabilizing influence of gold and silver, and capture assets that are currently trading away.

  • Undeniably Valuable

    Gold’s Value is Eternal

    The system you use probably wasn't built for precious metals. But the GBI Platform was made for them—a turnkey solution that lets you add precious metals to your current offering with ease.

    GBI allows investors to invest in physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium, stored in independent, fully-insured vaults, and available for delivery at any time. We offer both whole bar or coins and fractional investments to the penny, so you can structure a program that's right for your clients.

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  • For All Investors

    A More Complete Portfolio

    For clients concerned about wealth preservation, inflation and unpredictable markets, precious metals have long served as a stabilizing influence on portfolios, reducing volatility and improving risk-adjusted returns.

    But gold should be part of an overall strategy. Instead most of those assets are trading away today. GBI's physical gold programs can help you bring those assets back above the line for greater control and AUM.

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  • Gold Retailers

    Trading Gold Has Never Been Simpler

    Don’t let a lack of in-house technology resources keep you from competing. Our robust platform can be simply on-boarded and allows you to modernize your business with profitable features and back office cost savings.

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