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Online Brokers and Payment Apps

Empower Your Platform with Fractional Gold and Silver

Unlock new trading potentials with GBI’s fractional gold and silver, designed for seamless integration into online brokerage and payment systems. Experience enhanced liquidity and diversification, setting your platform apart in the competitive digital finance age.


    Seamless Integration of Precious Metals

    Our technology is crafted for easy adoption, with online brokers and payment companies able to leverage our robust APIs to enable a smooth and efficient integration.

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    Enhanced Flexibility and Reach

    GBI’s fractional gold and silver offering enables a variety of client activities including trading, automatic investments, and frequent re-allocation of portfolios. Moreover, it attracts a broad range of investors looking to balance traditional investments with physical precious metals.

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    Set It and Forget It

    Once the GBI fractional offering is set up, it requires minimal support from the customer. GBI handles all the reporting, money movement and logistics behind the scenes.

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Meet the GBI Team

Your Partners in Wealth Management

Our dedicated sales team is committed to supporting wealth advisors as they tend to their underlying clients. This includes insightful research, recommended allocations and other comprehensive support designed to enhance both the advisor and client experience.

Andrew Nini
Director, Wealth Management Distribution
Skip Welsh
Regional Director, Wealth Management Distribution
Larry Moore
Larry Moore
Regional Director, Wealth Management Distribution
Erik Brown
Regional Director

Leadership & Management

Our management team and board process a depth of financial services and technology industry experience, which they bring to bear for our clients.

Steven Feldman
Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder
Eric Schwartz
Chairman of the Board
John Hart
Board of Managers
John Hathaway
Board of Managers
Dan Tapiero
Board of Managers / Co-Founder
Marc C. Scher
Peter Custer
Chief Technology Officer
Divnain Malik
Chief Operating Officer
Rohit Gera
Chief Strategy Officer & Head of D2C
Andrea Corejova
Head of Finance
Michael Loew
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Eric Craig Jr
Global Head of Trading
Ryan McLimans
Vice President, Marketing
Daniel Rapaic
Vice President of Technology
Laxman Milli
Vice President of Technology
Jazmine Smaldone
Assistant Vice President
Samantha Kadel Molinari
Director of Customer Success
Jillian Carnival
Senior Operations Specialist
Natallia Vidmant
Operations Specialist
Mariah Francisco
Operations Specialist

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